Normally marketers tend to be possessive of campaign branding, but this time is different. Our goal is for all of Downtown to rally around this new campaign, We Are Downtown, so we are giving you the tools and resources to roll it into everything you are doing. Be bold, be creative, have fun and if you need to brainstorm on ideas, you know where to find us.

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What is We Are Downtown?

As we enter 2021, we want to continue to stay attuned to the moment while supporting our businesses and organizations and getting people to come Downtown!

The Downtown District is excited to launch a new campaign, We Are Downtown, that reinforces the importance for Houstonians to experience the community of people, places, food and stories that make up Downtown—now more than ever! It’s not just a pretty narrative — it’s a visual call to action with an important message: This is our city. We are all a part of this. So, let’s show up for Downtown businesses and for each other.

Through storytelling and personal emphasis, it is intended to drive financial support for Downtown stakeholders who are struggling due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We Are Downtown’s bold, intentional creative emphasizes the people behind the Downtown’s food, fun, entertainment and hustle.

The campaign’s audience is workers, residents, Houstonian’s and visitors. The intention pillars help centralize the campaign around the tenants of its core message.

HumanizeCreate a human-to-human connection.

Rally for SupportEncourage goodwill and community emphasis.

Inspire to ActionInsist on clear actions that can be taken.

ReassureDispel anxiety by addressing safety concerns head on.

We Are Downtown Marketing Workshop
March 25, 2021

During this hour-long presentation, our creative partner, Black Sheep Agency, shares a look at our We Are Downtown campaign. In addition, they talk through some marketing basics and share digital tools so you can start creating content that connects with your audience and helps drive the goals of your business.

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Graphic Assets

Bold and colorful, illustrated pops, conversational, direct, evocative and collective.

Design Guidelines

Graphics-Giphys, Marquee & Stickers

Color Swatches


The Downtown District is leading the charge with the campaign coming to life in a variety of ways.

:15 commercials/social & digital TV (Connected TV, IG, TW, FB, YouTube, HULU and KTRK Ch. 13) – Spring series, beginning in April

We Are Downtown Social Messaging

April 2021 Download The Full PDF
Dining Commercial
Come enjoy a meal Downtown, whether you’re dining in or taking out. We have the food you’ve been craving and the community that can’t wait to welcome you back. #WeAreDowntownHou
Sip, slurp, gulp, savor. The meals you’ve been craving are ready for you. Come join us Downtown for your next dine-in experience or take-out treat. #WeAreDowntownHou
Events Commercial
Ditch the streaming service in favor of something more satisfying—our world-class Houston arts and culture community is here to keep you entertained. #WeAreDowntownHou
Artists, dancers, musicians, and performers—we’re all here for you. Come be a part of our legendary visual and performing arts community. #WeAreDowntownHou
Native: Downtown Development Story
Downtown has a whole new look, including new public spaces, building developments and eateries. See Houston history in motion when you visit Downtown. #WeAreDowntownHou
The Downtown hustle and bustle means new parks, eateries, and residential and commercial spaces. Come see how Downtown Houston is growing to bring our community together. #WeAreDowntownHou

Native: Spring Story
Spring is certainly here—and with it, comes a new season of events, openings and activities in Downtown Houston. Come see what we have on the horizon. #WeAreDowntownHou
Celebrate the season of dang-near-perfect Houston weather with outdoor exercise classes, movie nights, staycations and more. #WeAreDowntownHou

More Space: Main Street
Let’s raise a toast to More Space: Main Street—the newest addition to Downtown and a safe, outdoor way to enjoy patio season. #WeAreDowntownHou
Drink, dine, toast and gather—More Space: Main Street is officially underway. Come enjoy our new outdoor options, right in time for peak patio season. #WeAreDowntownHou
Businesses across Downtown have come together to bring us More Space: Main Street. This effort brings drinks, dining and expanded patio space right to the heart of Downtown Houston—come see for yourself. #WeAreDowntownHou

E-blast Sign up
Want to know what’s going on in Downtown Houston? Of course you do. Sign up to get weekly email invitations to explore our city and connect with the Downtown community. #WeAreDowntownHou
Learn all about the events, eateries, and entertainment that Houston has to explore with our Downtown weekly email newsletter. Sign up today. #WeAreDowntownHou
SMS Sign up
Find out what’s going on Downtown as it’s happening with texts from Downtown Houston. We’ll keep you in the loop (even if you live outside of it) with all the ways you can enjoy and become a part of the Downtown community. Sign up by texting 1-888-DTHOU10. #WeAreDowntownHou
The best that Houston has to offer, right in the palm of your hand. With texts from Downtown Houston, you find out what’s happening in Downtown from the folks who know it best: us. Sign up today by texting 1-888-DTHOU10. #WeAreDowntownHou
Generic Campaign
Smile, selfie and post—we want to see how you do Downtown Houston. #WeAreDowntownHou
It’s time to show up and show Downtown Houston some love. #WeAreDowntownHou
The Downtown community needs some local love. Lend your support because together, #WeAreDowntownHou
Ballerinas, muralists, baristas, hoteliers, business owners, restauranteurs—and you. Together, we help keep the Houston hustle alive. Together, #WeAreDowntownHou
It’s time to show local some love. Come eat, slurp, sip, and savor in Downtown Houston. Together, #WeAreDowntownHou
Angie Bertinot

Angie Bertinot

For the past fifteen years, Angie Bertinot has led the Downtown District’s marketing and retail efforts with an overarching goal to build the size of the audience that interacts with downtown and provide a positive downtown experience.

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